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Counties on Tour!

Derby sales team

ncts 1.jpg

For reasons that escape me now, but probably to reduce our stock of excess sales material, have a mini membership drive, and of course open access to Derby Works for the day, I "Headed" this dashing? sales team, yes I have always been a masochist!! So from the left, (handpicked elite members looking like a wanted poster!!), Pete Trotter, Nicholas Clarke alias "Cag", Mike Rogers, Martyn Stewart alias "Headbanger", and John Wade the handsome, normal one on the right, both points of which are up for debate!   circa 1978?  John Wade

Isle of Wight trilogy

Four expeditions were made by the club across the Solent, in the summers of 1977, 1978, 1979 & 1980 ,to seek out the elusive 05001.  These four pictures show the bulk of participants on the latter three of these  Grand Southern excursions.  Are you in any of the pictures?

NCTS picture 28 200877 IOW ferry.jpg

Crossing the Solent, on the 2nd September 1978.  The Counties party on its way to the Isle of Wight where they were hoping to see 05001.  Are you in the picture?  Click here for a version with identified members named.

NCTS picture 28b 030978 Eastleigh John Wade.jpg

The following day John Wade photographed the party partaking of a guided tour of Eastleigh depot.  The guy accompanying Allan Fawcett at the head of the party was the Depot manager.  An accompanying helper has his back to the photogragher.  Graham Barlow, in a dark sports jacket, appears to be keeping order to the left.  The chap wih dark glasses, centre, is Barry Marshall.  Any one able to identify anyone else?

NCTS picture 29 020978 IOW ferry.jpg

The 1979 expeditionary squad crossing the Solent on 26th August.  Are you in the picture? Click here for a version with identified members named.

NCTS picture 32 05001 and others

Mission accomplished! The smiling 1980 party photographed in front of the elusive 05001 on the 25th May.  Are you in the picture?  Click here for a version with identfied members named.


NCTS picture 30 240978 SWales trip.jpg

Are you amongst this group, photographed returning from South Wales on 24th September 1978.  The trip included a visit to the Newport scrap yard of J. Cashmore, a souvenir from which is being proudly displayed!!!  Click here for a version with identified members named and here for the list of locomotives seen on that excursion.  The coach body style suggests it  is probably OLD 51E Bedford VAM14 / Duple C45F then with B. & J. Travel, Barnoldswick - confirmation though still needed.


NCTS Picture 22.jpg

Not sure when and where this picture was taken.  Toton or Westhouses have been suggested as the location.  Certainly taken in 1972 as the coach is one of the trio (MYG 759-761K) acquired by Ezra Laycock that year and Stuart Warr is in the picture.   Are you in the picture or do you know the date and location.  A version of the photo with names added can be found here.

NCTS Picture 26b Ayr 197208 Lindsay Walt
NCTS Picture 26c Glasgow Works  Lindsay

These two pictures have been sent in by Lindsay Walters who along with his brother Rodney used to travel across from Kingston-upon-Hull to join excursions.

The pictures were taken at Ayr and St. Rollox Works on the August 1972 Grand Scottish.

Let the Archivist know if you can identify anyone in the photographs.

A version of the Ayr picture with names added can be found here and the St. Rollox picture with names added here.

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