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Depot Order Booklet

   The original title of the booklet produced by the society that listed locomotives in depot order, rather than numeric order, was 'Motive Power Allocations List'.  The first to be published by the society is believed to have appeared in the Summer of 1972 although as yet no copies have been traced.  The twelfth edition of the magazine, which appeared in July of that year, stating that "The New Edition (The first by the N.C.T.S. since it took over from Viva Publications) of the Depot Allocation List is now available".

What is believed to have been the second edition is dated 1st November 1972 and credited B. J. Towey as lister.


No mention is made in magazines of any further editions being published until 1975 by which time it carried the title 'Locomotive Stock Book in Depot Order'.   Compilation by then was credited to H. Howells who offerred an updating service for a fee. 

In 1976 the title was changed to 'Depot by Depot'.

At this stage it is far from certain how many were published in the traditional Quarto format.  To see copies of those so far traced click the links below.   Please make contact if you are aware of any other editions.


Motive Power Allocations List (Compiled by B. J. Towey) 

November 1972 Edition

Locomotive  Stock Book in Depot Order (Compiled by H. Howells)

April 1975 Edition  (Inverness cover)                              August 1975 Edition  (Inverness cover)

Depot by Depot  (Compiled by H. Howells)

February 1976 Edition  (Springs Branch cover)                ? 1977? Edition  (Thornaby cover)  [cover only]

June 1976 Edition  (33033 cover)

'Depot by Depot' was last published as a seperate booklet in 1977.  Subsequently it was combined with the Allocation Booklet.

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