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   The primary focus of the society was the arranging and running of spotting excursions.  Although a full list of those that actually took place has yet to be compiled, two provisional lists have been.  These contain a listing of coach excursions that were advertised and can be viewed by clicking below. These are still a work in progress.  Details are given of dates, area visited, code as shown in the magazine and initials of members who are known to have been on the excursion. The first list also gives details of the principal pick up points (all picked up in Manchester) and as a memory jerker, what was number 1 and 2 in the charts at the time.  The second list gives the locations visited.

Coach Excursions 1969 - 1981 - includes details of what was number 1 and 2 in the charts at the time.


Coach Excursions 1969 -1981 - includes details of locations visited if known.

   A list of locomotive depots and principle stabling points during the Northern Counties Transport Society era can be found here.  Yards,  sidings and other locations where just shunting locomotives were outstabled are generally not included in this list.

   Please contact the Archivist if you were on any of the excursions where a listing of locations visited isn't given and you are able to provide a list.  Also, if your listing is more precise as to the locations visited particularly with regard to shunting locomotive stabling points, that additional information would be welcomed.   

   A start has now been made on adding lists of locomotives actually seen on excursions.  See the Excursion Reports page.  If you are able to provide such lists please contact the Archivist and let him know for which trips you are able to provide a listing. 


   Despite spending many hours on them, whilst travelling many miles, little information has emerged about the coaches used for the excursions.  Details are given in the history of the companies known to have provided coaches and a few coaches appear in photographs, rarely though showing the registration.  If you know the identity of any coaches used for the excursions please contact the Archivist.


During the period B&J Travel provided coaches they owned five different coaches and it is presumed all must have been used, certainly their Bedford VAL, Bedford VAM and Ford R226s where.  The five are listed below.

VHE 234  - Bedford SB1 / Plaxton C41F

KNP 963D - Ford R226 / Plaxton C52F


OLD 51E - Bedford VAM 14 / Duple C45F

FTC 357J - Ford R226 / Duple C53F


NDM 1E - Bedford VAL14 / Plaxton C52F

Pictured with a previous owner is Bedford VAL14 NDM 1E which was used on a number of NCTS Excursions when owned by B&J Travel.                   Courtesy Paul Fox - Geoff Cochrane Collection

31. Bedford VAL NDM1E..PNG

During the early 1970's Ezra Laycock  of Barnoldswick provided coaches for the majority of excursions.  Confirmed as being used are the five listed below acquired in 1971 and 1972.  Other older coaches also being used.

A Laycock AUP 402 + 403F.jpeg

AUP 402F - Bedford VAL70 / Duple C52F

AUP 403F - Bedford VAL70 / Duple C52F

MYG 759K - Bedford YRQ / Plaxton C45F

MYG 760K - Bedford YRQ / Plaxton C45F

MYG 761K - Bedford YRQ / Plaxton C45F

Pictured together are the two Ezra Laycock  Bedford VAL70 coaches used on NCTS Excursions. 

Courtesy Paul Fox - Geoff Cochrane Collection

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