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Excursion Reports.

   This page lists the excursions for which a list of locations visited and locomotives seen at those locations has been transcribed.  If any members have such records and are willing to transcribe those or make available for transcribing could they please contact the Archivist so as not to duplicate efforts.


   Corrections to these lists are very much welcomed, particularly in respect of greater precision with regard to shunter stabling points or where various locations have been grouped together.  Some common examples of this are:-

Ardrossan - the depot, town station and harbour, combinations of which were all used for locomotive stabling at various times, are often recorded just as 'Ardrossan'.

Bristol - observations of what was on Bath Road are often combined with locomotives in Temple Meads station.  The  Bath Road sightings being made from the platforms as depot visits didn't always take place (permits hard to come by).   In addition Marsh Junction and St. Philip's Marsh depots might also have been visited.

Cambridge - the depot and station stabling point are often just recorded together as 'Cambridge'.

Carnforth - locomotives were usually stabled in two different locations. The down sidings adjacent to the WCML immediatly south of the station, and on the stub of the up / down Furness goods lines between the River Keer overbridge and Furness & Midland Junction signal box (west side of the existing lines).  The latter sidings sometimes being referred to as Bottom End Sidings, although those sidings were actually on the opposite, east side, of the running lines at this location.  Both locations are often recorded just as Carnforth. 

Derby - Etches Park Depot, primarily used for DMUs and shunting locomotives, the Diesel Locomotive Servicing Shed and associated (curve) stabling sidings and locomotives visible in the adjacent Locomotive Works reception sidings are often recorded just as 'Derby' or combined under one of the above locations. In addition, locomotives in and around Derby Station, the Railway Technical Centre and Derby Litchurch Lane Carriage Works are also often recorded just as 'Derby'.


Edge Hill, Liverpool -  the depot and associated holding sidings (under the viaduct) were regularly visited. From the holding sidings Downhill Carriage Sidings could be viewed and locomotives located there are often included in the same listing. 

Grimsby - main line locomotives stabled in West Marsh Yard in the late 1960's/early 1970's.  Shunting locomotives also stabled in West Marsh Yard as well as Royal Dock.  These two locations are often recorded together as Grimsby Docks. A single Shunting locomotive stabled in Town Station, this often being recorded together with the other locations just as 'Grimsby'.  

Ipswich - visits here usually also included the former depot at the south end of Ipswich Tunnel, which closed in 1968 but continued in use as C&W workshops, where shunting locomotives stabled and was also used for storing wiithdrawn locomotives.  This location is often included under 'Ipswich' along with the stabling point adjacent to the station.

Kings Cross / St.Pancras - this was a regular breakfast stop on London excursions. Kings Cross station, stabling point and Goods Yard (York Way) are often just recorded under 'Kings Cross'.  Similarly St. Pancras station and Cambridge Street stabling point are often just recorded under 'St.Pancras'.  

Lincoln - in addition to Lincoln depot locomotives were also stabled at East Holmes, the former steam shed.  Both locations being often recorded together as 'Lincoln'.


Newport and Cardiff - the various dock, yard and station stabling points are often just recorded under 'stabling points'.


Swansea - was a regular breakfast stop on South Wales excursions.  In addition to visiting Landore depot and Swansea East Docks, the coach often parked close to Maliphant yard/carriage sidings or High Street station, however although visited these locations are not always specifically recorded.

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Listings for excursions 79.11 onwards appeared in magazines 34 - 42

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