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Welcome to the Northern Counties Transport Society website.

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   Initially I have to give a heartfelt thanks to the ex members who readily donated money to get this site up and running.  I'm not going to name anyone without their express permission, so for now, Thankyou! you know who you are!!


     The club's independent Archivist Peter Hall, has been collecting and collating all things NCTS for a number of years now.  This is maybe where you come in.  On the home page, I was Careful to use the word "our", as that is exactly what it is, our website to share and enjoy.  Any information, memories, photos, jottings or indeed NCTS memorabilia etc can be shared with other members visiting the website.  You can do this by sending written information by post if you so wish, it doesn't have to be typed, as long as it can be read, or email if you are conversant with this.  Photos can be mailed as prints to be scanned and returned, but please enclose a stamp with your addressed envelope. Alternatively photos can be sent in electronic form by email. I have also the facility to scan relevant slides, but please bear in mind this all takes time.

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   So to get us started and as a brief interlude after the above.  The photo on the left depicts PWM654 in its usual haunt of  Newland PW Yard, near Worcester.  It took us years to become accustomed to visiting this location regularly.  How do I know this?  Because PWM 654 was the last shunter I needed to see in capital stock and was usually stabled here.  An even more bizarre fact is that not only was it my last "box", but I now own it and had forgotten this fact when I acquired it!!  More important to me are the chaps on the photo.  From the left my dear mate Alan Howells, who had been afflicted by a bout of polio early in his life. To his utmost credit this never stopped him from attending trips and if it was rough terrain (as here), one or more of us would give him a piggyback if necessary.  To his right is Graham Howarth another old friend, as usual clutching a camera, and then in the white polo necked sweater , George Newsham?   The guy who can be just be seen over his shoulder is the legendary Chris Carpenter, better known on the Counties, as "Road Runner", hopefully much more about all these characters later.

So to continue,you can forward information, photos, articles etc, to this email:-

John Wade - Webmaster

No articles will be altered in any way or captions which accompany photos fowarded to appear on this website.  You may rest assured it's your piece, however if there was to be anything forwarded which is considered contentious, this would be discussed prior to appearing on the website. (I'm 99% certain there won't be!)

      For all material you consider needs archiving please,  forward to Peter Hall, see the Archives page for more details.  Peter will no doubt message you back to acknowledge your information has been archived.


           At this point, it maybe worth mentioning a few questions that spring to mind;

How and when did the Counties start, and who was instrumental in all of this? 

To be covered later on this website on the History page.

Is there a comprehensive membership list we can refer to?

Unfortunately not, I kept the membership record cards up to around 1990, in my previous home.  Then after my small sons had scattered them around the cockloft that they were stored in, very regrettably now, they were disposed of.  Unless there are any objections it would be great to compile a list of Counties members (no addresses included of course). I've started the ball rolling with names that spring to mind with their then location, and brief memories of them on the Members page.  If you can add to the existing list with any details that would be great.

Have we got access to the Counties magazines?

Yes we have! As far as I'm aware from Peter, the original mags I provided for copying, just about gave him a complete set, with the others he already had scanned. In the fullness of time we may get all of them posted on this site. Up date; Peter tells me we are missing Numbers 21 and 25 of our mags, anybody out there with copies of these please?

Is there a full list of trips which were run?

Yes there is for the coach excursions, although Peter is still tweaking this from time to time, as extra info is collated.  Your input into anything extra you can add to this is appreciated.  See the Excursions page for a copy of the trips list.


Has anyone got lists of numbers for trips we went on?

For the most part I will say yes, although whether they could all be posted is another matter. There may be certain trips we haven't got lists for and again we will be turning to yourselves to help to complete the picture. Anyone who needs some lists from a trip please contact and I will try to oblige if possible, but please don't ask for lists of all the trips you ever went on!!

 Can I contribute to this website?

You most certainly can, and please do so, any information, memories, photos etc relevant to the Counties are most welcome, your anonymity can be maintained if you so wish, but just remember please,,,,,,,,,,,,The website will only be as good as the information on it, so please contribute if possible,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THANKS.


     Can we do it all again?   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Wish!!!​

Thanks John Wade.

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