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NCTS picture 15 19700328.JPG

A meeting of the "ton-up club" (see Malcolm Littler memories)  in an Inverness hotel on 28th March 1970, during the Easter Grand Scottish excursion.

Back row - Adrian Eden, Steve Boyd, unidentified, Paul Hooten.


Middle row - Dan (or Van) Bramhall, Keith Dolby, unidentified, Malcom Littler.

Front row - unidentified, Keith Stanley

Taken during the August 1972 Grand Scottish at Fort William.

Pictured are the Walters brothers from Kingston-upon-Hull, Lindsay on the left and Rodney on the right.  In the centre is Robin Beck from Barrow-in-Furness. 

NCTS Picture 26d Fort William Lindsay Wa
NCTS Picture 27 dan and friends.jpg

Thought to have been taken at Haymarket in August 1974.  From left to right; unidentified,  Paul Hooten, Dave Southern, Dan (or Van) Bramhall, Roger Richards, unidentified and unidentified walking away.

The location of this picture should be obvious, however, it isn't and remains a mystery.  Allerton, Springs Branch and Cricklewood have been suggested but the background doesn't appear to match any of these.  Further suggestions welcomed.

Allan Fawcett is standing next to the coach. The coach driver is Tom Percy and hanging out of the driver's window is Pete ? who was the co-driver on many ecursions

For many years this picture was on the wall in the B&J Travel office.  Precisely when it was taken isn't known, however the coach, FTC 357J was acquired in early 1977.   

B&J FTC 357J 2.jpg

Picture courtesy of B&J Travel.

This picture, taken at the rarely visited East Ham depot, probably on 29th April 1979, initially caused quite a lot of  head scratching.  Graham Howarth is stood in the door and Allen Howells is sat in the front seat.  The coach driver is thought to be Gerald Day.  The coach itself was new to Fishwick, Leyland but sold on in September 1977 to Border Tours of Barnoldswick.  They in turn sold it on in June 1979 to Arnold Benson Tours, Laneshawbridge, near Colne.   Although owned by Border in April 1979 it is presumed to have been on hire to either B&J Travel or Pennine Way / Arnold Benson Tours (were these two Laneshawbridge coach companies  connected?) when the picture was taken.  

coach border 238.jpg
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