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Allocation Booklet

   The Allocation Booklet, which listed locomotives in numerical order as appossed to depot order, appears to have been first published in the late Spring of 1973.  It carried the title 'MOTIVE POWER ALLOCATION BOOKLET (MAY EDITION)'.  This is credited as being compiled by Barry Towey who offerred an updates service for a fee. Printing and publication was credited to the society at the Howells Swinton address.  Renumbering in the new "decimal system" as it was then referred, was in its infancy, the locomotives then renumbered being listed seperately on the back cover.

   In the Autumn of 1973 a revised edition was produced titled 'MOTIVE POWER ALLOCATION BOOKLET (Renumbering and Re-coding Edition)'.  This was gain compiled by Barry Towey with printing and publishing credited to the society at the Howells Swinton Address.  Included for the first time where the new "two letter" depot codes that replaced the former alphanumeric codes.  Locomotives were still listed in original number order along with the intended new numbers.   


   A further edition appeared early in 1974 titled 'MOTIVE POWER ALLOCATION BOOKLET - 1974/1 EDITION - New No. Order'.  This, as the title suggests, listed locomotives in "new number order".  Compilation, publication and printing was as earlier editions although the updating service was now offerred by Harry Howells for a fee.   

   To see copies of these three publications click the links below.  Please make contact if you are aware of any other editions compiled by Barry Towey.

Allocation Booklet  (Compiled by Barry Towey)

May 1973 Edition

October 1973 Edition (Renumbering and Re-coding Edition)

   Subsequently editions featured a locomotive on the cover, initially a Class 47.  Barry Towey no longer being credited with the compilation, that usually being credited to Harry Howells.   The Spring of 1974 was when the majority of locomotives were renumbered with various tweaks being made to the scheme.  Apparently these booklets were selling like hot cakes with three editions appearing in as many months.  The Swinton based duplicator was certainly earning its keep.  Subsequently, when other publications had caught up, frequency was reduced.

   All editions up to the eleventh in late summer 1976 were Quarto size.  The next, in early 1977 was A6 size and may well have been the last compilied, published and printed at the Howells Swinton address.  To see copies of these booklets click the links below.

Allocation Booklet (Compiled by Harry Howells)

March 1974 Edition  (Cl. 47 cover)

April 1974 Edition (2nd)  (Cl. 47 cover)

May 1974 Edition (3rd)  (Cl. 47 cover)

August 1974 Edition (4th)  (Cl. 47 cover)

November 1974 Edition  (D6551 cover)

March 1975 Edition  (5518 cover)


July 1975 Edition (7th)  (D1000 cover)

November 1975 Edition (8th)  (D1000 cover)

February 1976 Edition (9th)  (Cl. 52 Teignmouth cover)

June 1976 Edition (10th)  (87033 cover)

August 1976 Edition (11th)  (50005 cover)  [cover only]

January 1977  Edition   (40003 cover)  [A6 size]

   From the beginning of 1978 printing of society booklets was outsourced, although the Publisher address continued to be the Howells Swinton address.   A5 became the standard format.  The Depot by Depot booklet was also combined with the Allocation booklet.  The resultant booklet was initially referred to as 'Combined Edition - Complete List of All B.R. Locomotives'.  To see copies of these booklets, so far traced, click the links below.

Combined Edition - Complete List of All B.R. Locomotives (Numerical & Depot Order)

January 1978 Edition  (13003 cover)                                  September 1978 Edition  (50007 cover)  [cover only]

May 1978 Edition  (76002 cover)

In 1979 the title was changed to 'B.R. Locomotive Stock Book - Combined Edition'.  To see copies of these booklets, so far traced, click the link below.

B.R. Locomotive Stock Book - Combined Edition (Number & Depot Order)

June 1979 Edition  (Cl. 47 cover)  [cover only]

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