Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts Gallery

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Clearly this Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts excursion was having an unscheduled break, seemingly in a 'middle of nowhere' type location.  However, the road sign gives vital clues and North Street between Four Marks and Ropley Dean on the A31 is almost certainly the location.  What is now the  Watercress Line would be visible on the hill side so a possibly of something going in the note book. 

A date of 22nd January 1967 has been suggested during a Southern weekend excursion.

The coach is a Bedford SB1 with Duple coachwork owned at the time by Fred Craven Coaches of Bury.

In the first photograph those on the excursion are clearly attempting to render assistance and advice!  On the extreme left is Paul Gasgath? with Dave Felton centre.  Keith Stanley is pointing at 937 PT.  None of the others have yet been identified.

The trio returning with a hopeful remedy for the problem are Roger Heys on the left and Dave Felton centre, the chap on the right has not been identified.  The location is a couple of miles from Four Marks which is probably where they had walked from.

In the final picture Keith Stanley is fourth from left and second from left is John Wade.

BWRE Picture 12.jpg

The date and location of this photograph have not been established, niether have any of the participants been identified.  It would though seem probable that is was taken outsode accommodation used on on of the longer duration excursions.  The coach is believed to be OCK 168, a Bedford SB1 with Plaxton coachwork operated at the time by Fred Cravens Coaches of Bury.