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The Northern Counties Transport Society website celebrates a superb locospotting club.

Webmaster - John Wade  -

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   Hello, and welcome to our new website.  It's now forty years since this fondly remembered locospotting club disappeared.  No doubt if you are reading this, it is because you were a member, or knew somebody that was.  There are many tales to tell about this Society, which was enjoyed by a huge spectrum of different people, over the years.  Just as we shared the club then, you are now invited to share your memories, experiences, anecdotes etc, for everyone else to read and enjoy.  You don't have to be computer "Savvy", or spend forever typing but more details of that later.  As of 2021 it will be 40 years since we ran a trip. So let's imagine we have just rejoined, and we are booked on an overnight excursion. 


Thanks John Wade.

What we have for your enjoyment on this excursion.

About  -  More from John about the club and website.

History -  All you want to know about the club and its history.

Members - All about those who held a Northern Counties Transport Society Membership card.

                  - Members Gallery - A rogues gallery of famous members.

                  - Members Memories - Former members give their reminiscences of the club.

On Tour -  Seminar pictures taken on excursions - are you in any of the photographs?

Excursions -  Information about the clubs excursions.

                       Excursion Reports -  listings of which locomotives were seen where on excursions.

Spotting - An attempt to explain our hobby and why we went on the club excursions.

                -  Last Locomotive Spotted - Those who "cleared BR" tell us about their last locomotives.

                -  Spotting Totals - How many BR Diesel & Electric locomotives did you see?

Archives  - Delve into our collection of club magazines, publications and much more.

                 - Allocation Booklet - the most popular booklet published by the club.

                 - Depot Order Booklet - the traditional spotting book published by the club.

BWRE -  All about Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts including a history.

            - BWRE Gallery - Photographs taken on Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts excursions


            - BWRE Magazines - An archive of Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts magazines 

Latest Updates - 15th June - further identifications of members in On Tour pictures added


                             - 14th June - a few more Isle-of-Wight pictures added to On Tour


                              - 21st May - Magazines 5 (1970) and Magazine 24 added to the Archives


                             - 7th May - Allocation Booklet page updated and Depot Order Booklet page added